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ECTOIN, our anti-pollution hero

Protects bacteria living in extreme conditions from dehydration, high temperature and UV damage. Here to save your skin from environmental damaging factors: allergens, sunlight, weather and pollution!

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thetease "{save} has it all. Their formulas feature premium, biodegradable ingredients that meet EU standards of clean beauty – and are housed in recyclable packaging!"
new-beauty "Toss this mask into your regular rotation when skin is looking a bit lackluster. You’ll notice a serious difference in the radiance department almost overnight."
mindbodygreen "Their lightweight moisturizer won't feel tacky or too thick—plus, it's made with pre- and probiotics to help balance your sebum production."

with {save} you are naturally safe

Simple formulas, without unnecessary additives and chemicals.
Inspired by nature and protecting women's health from harsh environment.

our values

"{save} has truly saved my skincare routine"

I've been blown away by the results! I’ve seen such an improvement in the look, feel, and overall health of my skin! The {save} skincare has made me feel more confident in my skin. 

Lillia from @thed.diaries

"It's been a game changer"

Having used all three products for about a month now, I have noticed the redness decrease significantly! Where I would normally have to go over with foundation twice, I no longer have to do that. 

Kristy from @xokrisroyale

"Save your skin, your time, your brain!"

I'm in love. The products are lightweight and refreshing, leaving my skin feeling clean, hydrated, and restored.

Lauren from @lauren_glitters_

"Your skin’s going to thank you with these"

If you have really sensitive skin, this is one of the few brands you can count on.

Jenna from @jennaskincaretips

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