Our Ambassador


"I love {save} not only for offering amazing skincare products but also and foremost for advocating for values I hold dear."


You may have heard her voice on the radio. She loves her listeners stories and dedications, and matching them to the perfect love song during her Love Someone with Delilah podcast series. Delilah has a nationally syndicated show that is the number one listened-to night-time radio program in the US. 

She's the mother of 14 children, and has 11 grandchildren. Ten of her children are adopted; four of them were from the foster care system in Washington State, two of them were orphans from Ghana, and three of them were Liberian refugees also living in Ghana. She advocates for reform in the foster care system.

She's known for her love of animals and nature - she lives on a farm, loves gardening, cooking, canning and preserving, especially with ingredients from her garden. There are hundreds of chickens, a few emus, goats, pigs, and one zebra on her farm, as well as horses.

She works closely with a non-for-profit and in May 2005 she founded Point Hope, a voice for forgotten children. The organization works in the US to support kids in the foster-care system, and in Ghana, West Africa to help impoverished Liberian refugees become self-sustaining.

We are honored to know our ethics and the quality of products made Delilah love {save}: our sustainable manufacturing, eco-friendly practices, cruelty-free commitment, clean ingredients, and last but not least our dedication to give back and support multiple charities made her want to try out {save} skincare and since then, we're among her very favorite beauty brands!  



photos: www.delilah.com