Oily skin starter

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Here's a perfect starting trio if you have oily skin.

Hydrating Facial Cleanser - our bestseller - does not strip the skin, has neutral pH and includes super hydrating Trehalose - a nature-derived ingredient found in plants and other organisms that let them survive through drought seasons. 
Ultra-light Moisturizer - extremely light but nourishing formula. Does not clog the pores, absorbs immediately. Thanks to Shea Butter will lock the moisture in your skin for maintained proper hydration level.
Anti-pollution Sleeping Mask - rich and moisturizing but sinks right into the skin without any greasiness. It will gently exfoliate and deeply hydrate your skin while you sleep which makes it a perfect product for traveling!

The set includes:
- Hydrating Facial Cleanser (5.07 fl. oz.)
- Ultra-light Moisturizer (1.69 fl. oz.)
- Anti-pollution Sleeping Mask (2.54 fl. oz.)